Our management team

Get to know us better in person. We comprise of an international management team with difference experience and background

Mr. Mauro Bernesi

Managing Director

Mauro has been doing education for more than 10 years and helped more than 5,000 students coming from all over the world to set foot in the UK and pursue their studying. With partnerships with over top 50 accredited schools all around the United Kingdom, he could surely match your expectation about the school quality and your children achievement after the course.

” I am more than honored to be your professional consultant on the way to pursue your dream of getting a UK degree.

Your children’s achievements define our success “

Ms. Khanh Doan

Marketing Director

Khanh used to be an average high school student with 7.5 GPA. She would never think about studying abroad if she had not gotten precious advice from Mauro and his team of consultants.

Now after 4 years studying abroad in Japan, she is having a clear career path and knows how to develop personal branding and evaluate her distinctive strengths among the sea of international students.

Her ultimate life goal is to give back to the society by guiding Vietnamese students and give them advice on how to pursue their studying abroad & landing a dream job in a foreign market

” If you think an average student with a 7.5 GPA could never get accepted by the school councellor, you are probably wrong! There are more ways that could help you to stand out besides your score. Because of that, believe in yourself and know that if there’s a will, there will be a way “

Ms. Hoa Doan

Vietnam Office Manager

Hoa has been in Vietnam education sector for 18 years, making impact in curriculum development and improving learning path for thousand of young students. She understands the anxieties and needs of children when it comes to learning & adapting to new things. She is responsible for communicating and answering to your concerns, inquiries as well as advising you more on your children’s education path

” You will be amased at how well your children could learn when you put them in a totally different environment. Their instinct of language will encourage them to speak and use the language as effective as possible “

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