English course for foreign teachers at Bury School
foreign teachers teach English

Overview of the program

This English course is designed for foreign teachers with professional development in mind. The main purpose is to practice and improve your English language knowledge and develop your teaching skill. Join one of our General English classes and take part in various activities including observations, workshops and group discussions on various aspects of teaching methodology and practice, including theory and practical aspects.

The syllabus meet individual and collective needs. More than that, the timetable is flexible, and the classes can be delivered to meet students’ requirements


Age 22 yrs+
Date 03/08-14/08
Duration 2 weeks
Location near Cambridge
Tuition hour 23 hours of English classes and teacher training per week
Courses 15 hours of General English classes per week
8 hours of observations and feedback per week
Certification End-of-Course Certificate
( Continuing professional development)

What topics will I study?

  • Initial teaching education (ITE)
  • Subject knowledge enhancement
  • Better voice for teacher (CPD)
  • Effective communication
  • Behavior management
  • Specified subject CPD course
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning

What you will get after this course

  • Be more confident in their use of English
  • Be able to communicate effectively at workplace
  • Be able to work and socialize in a cross-cultural environment
  • Read and understand different forms of professional texts
  • Write professional letters, proposals, research papers and reports
  • Participate in various discussions in their chosen sector
  • 1 step closer to achieving their career goals

What next?

After finishing this course, you could try:

  • Reading articles and news stories about unfamiliar subjects
  • Speaking to people in English in a professional context
  • Debate & discuss in a professional speaking manner
  • Challenge with placement in an English-speaking environment
  • Taking one of our recommended online courses in English

Pricing detail

Homestay £1750
  • Transfers from/to Heathrow airport
  • Placement test on arrival
  • shared room accommodation & 3 meals per day
  • All course materials & books
  • 23 hours of English classes and teacher training per week
  • Project work and presentation
  • End-of-Course Certificate
  • 2 full day trips
  • Guided observations of our qualified and experienced teachers
  • Workshops on different aspects of teaching theory and practice

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